Anine Bing


The inherent ability to incorporate just the right amount of whimsy and downtown cool is what model turned rock goddess turned clothing designer Anine Bing has mastered. Straight from her roots in music and fashion emerges an effortlessly downtown chic look with just the right amount of edge sliced in. Attention to the tiniest of details is Bings’ trademark stamp, whether it means laser printing a basic tank or putting on thick steroided out zippers on an already androgynously cut leather moto jacket. And cool kids’ leather goods is what she’s best at. Her current location in Southern California evokes an easy breezy vibe while her past role as lead singer/songwriter in band Kill Your Darlings lends a hand in the edgy rocker side of her collection emerging as the perfect yin and yang.
Bing’s first foot in fashion began as a model at the age of 15. In pursuit of Bing’s modelling and music career, she relocated from Denmark to California, joining the band Kill Your Darlings in 2009. Having already shown a provocative side throughout her modelling days, Bing was able to easily translate this into her sultry voice and lyrics going directly into her clothing designs. Fast forward to 2012, when Bing released her first self-titled clothing line, which consisted of a very simple collection of a few basic tanks and tee’s, a couple pairs of perfected skinny jeans, and an array of ever so special leather goods ranging from boots, leather pants, structured tote bags, and jackets. A clear nod to her band days nurtures the look that would make Bing famous – sleek leather skinnies with thick silver zippers slung low on her hips, a signature burned out white tee, and a thick crinkled-leather motorcycle jacket. Simple and easy, following her mantra of pairing things that are easily transformed from night to day with the simple change of shoe. Designs are simple and basic, but all with a twist and done to perfection. Dainty moccasins are done in unexpected materials like pebbled black leather or pony hair.

Today, a year after her debut, a tighter focus on leather goods is emerging and an intensified eye towards small details is present. Bing’s newest lookbook represents more than just variations on what she knows and does best, it shows her progression throughout the last year, and projectively the future of her brand.  Introducing the perfect transitional pieces just in time for Fall including thick strapped studded sandals to the addition of knitwear ranging from thin loosely knit sweaters to thick oversized woolen sweaters. She brings a style that is very intimate to herself. Her use of unexpected mediums on the most basic looks remains constant. Double take on an simple printed tank that really turns out to be meticulously thoughtful with carefully placed lines lasered in, to contrast each other and create a beautifully sheer look. The range of textures to choose from in her changing styles of motorcycle jackets is extraordinary. That original crinkled leather jacket is to Anine Bing as the cardigan is to A. Wang.
Already being a favorite amongst stylish celebrities and fashion bloggers, Bing continues to be on the rise. Her keen eye for identifying and reading her market while still retaining her own effortless style will continue the growth of this cult following.

Text by Emily Wong