The Art of Jewelry

What happens when you look at a precious stone set into an exquisite jewelry design? The international trendsetters who own an exquisite, one of a kind ARIDO jewelry piece know. They truly must understand that they are one of a very few who can even obtain this remarkable artistic expression. Each design is a spectacular confluence of artistry and inspired creative synergy to be worn on their finger, around their neck, gracing their ear, or dipping into décolletage.

We recently met with two talented global citizens, Jesse Raphael and Arid Chappell, the designers and bon vivant owners of the highly exclusive jewelry brand ARIDO. They told us that have teamed up with a new protégé, the singer, actress and designer Adrianna Edwards, who is known as Dria Star, to create the luxury jewelry line “Cinq Etoiles”. Et voilà, the result is a luminous collection , with its sparkling and edgy elegance to entice passionate jewelry enthusiasts worldwide.

ARIDO is a favorite of the modern day “gyp-set”; the wanderer who is equally comfortable in high and low culture, and at home anywhere in the world.

Through its artistry, the ARIDO collaborations and collections embody a deep passion for all of the beautifully unique color stones, pearls and diamonds from the earth. ARIDO‘s clients understand this passion and love to collect the trendsetting pieces. Clients from around the world contact ARIDO to make an exclusive appointment with Mr. Chapell and Mr. Raphael, who meet with the client in a private setting to discuss the stunning, bespoke jewelry that can be made exclusive to their desires.

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Text by Arid Chappell