Britt Moore

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Britt Moore is a promising freelance stylist and recent graduate of the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. It’s difficult to tell whether it was her early devotion to her favorite publications or her wildly elaborate imagination that’s responsible for this student’s large, bounding strides toward a significant and prominent styling career but regardless of the contributing factors, a fresh talent is emerging and photographers and designers alike should make note.

Among the southern landscape of Georgia, Moore’s childhood can be clearly pictured with her young nose buried in her copies of Vogue, coveting the styling aesthetic created by then Creative Director, Grace Coddington. “I loved the fantastical aspect of it all, taking fashion and making a fairy tale or horror story out of it. Creating characters and giving them personality through their wardrobe is truly an art form and I wanted to be a part of it.”

Moore wasn’t always on a clear path to vivid storytelling and aesthetic creation through styling. She admits to being somewhat wayward in her early years of college, resulting in the decision to join the Air Force for structure and the ability to contribute toward her eventual college career, though this turned out to be a trying experience. After being stationed in Fairfield, just outside San Francisco, Moore made a vital discovery about where she was and who she wanted to be. “The military is no place for free spirits and creative types. I felt like I was suffocating. In order to stay sane, I would spend my free time seeking out photographers in San Francisco and style shoots for them on weekends.” Says Moore. Upon her release from active duty, Moore immediately moved to San Francisco to pursue her Bachelor’s degree in Styling from the Academy of Art University. It was there she was paired with styling instructor and eventual mentor, Flore Morton. “Under her mentorship, my styling skills and creative direction improved drastically. I took everything I learned in my classes with her and applied them to my own shoots outside of class. Just this past November my improving shoots and work ethic had garnered the attention of Look Artists Agency here in San Francisco and I am now represented by them.”

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Already Moore’s work can be found in national and international publications such as Tantalum Magazine, and, undoubtedly much to the delight of Moore’s fourteen-year-old self, Vogue Italia, as well as online, commercials and prominent ad campaigns. Today, Moore is among the talented graduating class for this spring and finds insurmountable pleasure in what she does. “My biggest inspiration for shoots lately have been the modern day, ‘femme fatale.’ It’s very obvious in a couple of my recent shoots that I am fascinated by strong female characters who are slightly ‘off,’ and exotic in personality. I love transforming a model into the person I imagine in my head. I’m working to bring my imaginations to life in a bigger way.” Moore models herself after stylists like Alex White and Edward Enninful who have styled for Vogue, Oscar de la Renta, W Magazine and Mulberry. Like these icons, Moore envisions herself eventually joining these prominent stylists and taking on an Editing role for one of her coveted publications.

Text by Jennifer Richardson
Photography by Kristina Varaksina