Chic Hop


There are brands that center on a trend—gothic, modern, abstract, vintage and other well-worn themes. And then there are those that take on an entirely new level of stylistic technique; one that blends a multitude of inspirations together into a captivating approach to wardrobe selection, inspiring the wearer to imaginatively enter into the alternate world created by the label’s aesthetic.

L.A.-based Sav Noir is just that: a ‘dark’ design house filled with modern cuts and raw-yet-clean edges; clothing that encapsulates a hard appearance masked in elegant tailoring and loosely-fitted lines. Edwin Hayes, the house’s founder and designer, says that Sav Noir means “savage of the night;” the brand’s demographic most definitely lies in the nightlife community. Hayes has built a cult-like clientele over just a few short years, stretching his wings and expanding his reach worldwide since 2011.

A chef before he became a designer, Hayes is both self-taught and made, building his skills through experience rather than a textbook. The result is an eye untarnished by the dominating rules and expectations of the fashion industry, and allows Sav Noir to stand out from the clothing crowd for taking a new approach to both simple staples as well as innovative shapes and cuts.

Among Hayes’ inspirations are Rick Owens, Jeremy Scott and famed fabric ‘sculptor’ Yohji Yamamoto, and these influences leave light touches throughout Sav Noir’s collections. Combining chic street style with a sexy, hard edge, the label’s signature line includes elongated jackets with oversized hoods, pocketed tanks in contrast patterns, and sleeveless, collared shirts that somehow merge casual and eveningwear seamlessly. Clean-cut sweatshirts and pants round out the selections, taking the ultimate symbol for fashion disdain and converting it into a sleek, modern look.

Hayes recently released a teaser video for his F/W 2014 collection, ‘La Nuit,’ which features quilted fabrics, jagged stripes and the Sav Noir signature dark pallette. Those wondering where they would spot these new items need look no further than L.A.’s world-renowned underground culture, where warehouse parties and cutting-edge fashion converge nightly.  Sav Noir is continuing to cement its place in this gem of a design community, while capturing the eye of both consumers and artists worldwide—including us at SOMA.

By: Kate Zaliznock
Photography: James McCloud