Hidden Radio


A small, inconspicuous dome resides unnoticed in the corner of your home, maybe on a counter, maybe at your desk and it waits for its moment to rise and astonish. Claimed by its makers to be the simplest and most advanced portable speaker on the market, the HiddenRadio2 possesses indisputably advanced technology for wirelessly streaming sound and music.

Forget about searching around, lifting couch cushions and digging in various pant pockets to locate your phone—the HiddenRadio2 offers an intelligent capacitive touch sensor, operating simply by tapping the cap, or top of the dome, to begin playing music streaming from the nearest device. Multipoint linking allows two HiddenRadio2’s to be placed anywhere within the home and sync together seamlessly, doing away with the days when you had to carry a boom box on your shoulder in order to surround yourself with music. Linking also means you could pair two together, flanking your TV or iPad to create a stereo experience. Fifteen hours of uninterrupted playtime makes for easy use outside the home.

All this savvy innovation, convenience and crisp sound poured into a modest little dome that’s easy on the eyes might just be music to your ears.

Text by Jennifer Richardson