While smartphones continue to become increasingly convenient and intuitive, is it any surprise that their own covers and cases should take strides in technology as well? We’ve seen cases that add to your phone’s battery life and cases that protect it while entirely submerged in water. What about a case that acts as an interactive display?

Subtlety is the name of the game for this smart phone cover as upon first seeing it, you probably wouldn’t notice anything unusual to set it apart in a saturated market of phone accoutrements. Designed for the HTC One M8, the Dot View case has a back sculpted to conceal and protect effectively. The front panel also covers to protect the screen but has a sea of tiny, round holes. These little perforations emit light from the screen below, allowing your phone to communicate messages and alerts to you through a retro-inspired dot pattern reminiscent of that of your clock radio from grade school.

At a normal, standby mode it displays the time and weather. Should someone decide to call, the dots light up displaying the callers name and number and, just like a normal screen, allows the user to interact, answering or declining the call with a swipe of the finger. The dotted display can also notify of meetings, scheduled appointments, reminders, missed calls and voicemail.
This case may be the only of its kind capable of stirring feelings of nostalgia for a time when digital wristwatches were king while simultaneously propelling its user into the future in optimizing cutting edge smartphone technology.

Text by Jennifer Richardson