Patrick Church


Patrick Church, a British artist, born in Oxford, London, explores individual sexuality with powerful provocative sensuality in his paintings and fashion design. Church’s take on raw emotion shows explicitly in collections in London, Dubai, New York, Miami, Russia, and many others. If you find yourself curiously intrigued by Patrick Church’s creations, prepare as he bares all with every controlling stroke on textile and canvas. Passion is something that plays a momentous part in everything that lives, breathes even, in his work.

What is your furthest memory that you can recall about your passion for art?

My grandfather and me always used to make things together, ever since I was a child I was always encouraged to explore my creativity by my family. So really, for as long as I can remember, I honestly couldn’t do anything other than make artwork. It really helps me make sense of my world, if I am not creating I feel totally worthless and useless.

At first, was it art, or fashion design?

I definitely started with making artwork, such as painting and drawing, I kind of fell into the fashion side of things. I thought that by painting on garments, it would make my work more universal and show it to a wider audience. However, I don’t feel like a fashion designer, I am an artist through and through.


From the pieces you chose to send me, what do they say about you as a designer?

I came back from quite an emotionally heightened trip from Paris and I decided to make a mini collection of clothes ‘His Skin Is Like Honey’. I did this over the period of a week, it was a compulsion that just happened. I never work to ‘seasons.’ I just make what I want to make. As I said previously, I wouldn’t consider myself a designer. However, I feel that from a designer’s point of view, the pieces all relate together, they speak the same language.

What events/work have you done recently and plan to do in the near future?

I have just done a show of 300 self-portraits in Portugal ‘I Look for You in Everything.’ The portraits were painted over the period of around a year, and they explore my daily battle with mental health and my emotions. It was so powerful to see them all together, in the end I think I took something that could be so dark and made it into a positive statement. I am in the process of bringing the show to London.

Currently, I am working on launching my online store properly, selling clothing and art works, and I am collaborating with iconic London venue, Beach Blanket Babylon, re-opening the club downstairs with murals of my work. The launch will be in January.

What inspires you?

So many things; definitely life experiences, falling in love, having my heart broken, feeling humiliated, feeling powerful, feeling worthless. For most of my life I have suffered with mental health problems, and now I am finding my work is about exploring this condition I have and making sense of it. Powerful people or people I am drawn to also inspire me. I think naturally, you evolve and different inspiration comes with time; artists should always evolve and progress.