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Two weeks ago, I was arm’s length away from cheap souvenirs, America’s obesity with Coronas in tow, and dissatisfied tourists at Coney Island. In addition to the original Nathan’s fresh fries and post-Human Slingshot high, I found refuge in listening to a blue grass meets folk meets awesome group of musicians playing on the boardwalk. What initially drew me to the band (seeing as how the members were taking a brief break from performing to chat with a few spectators) was its look—rustic, vintage, homely and oh-sowonderful. I thought that this delightfully surreal image was something I would have to leave behind in Coney Island. That is, until a friend of mine from Portland, Oregon guided me to Reveille’s website.

The banjo player’s ornate vest, the percussionist’s tambourine-strapped ankle, and the violinist’s blue collar trousers are all reminiscent of Reveille’s overarching theme: old world sentiment in a new world application. Owners Camille Pandian and Jess Carson curated the store by drawing upon designers from New York to Japan to successfully embody Reveille’s temporary oasis from the stale aroma of present-day norms. The store’s climate and set up reflect the beginnings of the Industrialization in innovative ways like transforming luggage carts into clothing racks. Carson described the decor as evocative of 1920s and 1930s labor and explained that the “process is very much a design ideology for us: there’s an intentional slowing down of technology [and] an emphasis on piece-work.”

Despite their unique antiquarian touch, the two native Oregonians stay true to their roots by keeping their garments “environmentally friendly,” said Pandian in reference to Seneca Rising, Stone Cold Fox and Mister Freedom’s incorporation of dead stock and vintage materials into their menswear lines.

Reveille may be no Human Slingshot, but it certainly draws to mind one of my favorite memories from Coney Island. Not to mention it’s rather conveniently located on the coast on which I now reside.

– Shilpika Lahri

For more info visit: www.reveilleshop.com


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