Street Pulse

1. If you could change anything in SF what would it be?
2. What makes you authentic?
3. How does culture and tradition affect your personal style?

4. Gabriel_PH3A5421-Edit-FINAL

Gabriel Gonzalez
1. The disparity and lack of affordable housing.
2. I’m my own person.
3. Most of the t-shirts I own I’ve gotten for free.

4. Maya_PH3A5466-Edit-FINAL

Maya Konig
1. Homelessness, deeper compassion and understanding of the issue.
2. I had a pig before I had dog.
3. I feel like I am studying people more than following them.

4. Kelvin_H3A4994-Edit-FINAL

Kelvin Malone
2. My ego…
3. Life…

4. Melis_PH3A5405-Edit-FINAL

Melis Curtiss
1. Traffic. Less cars, more bikes!
2. My kind heart.
3. I love the attitude of Western style; if I am not in sneakers I am in cowboy boots!

4. Richard_PH3A4894-Edit-FINAL

Richard Bravins
1. Less fog!
2. I’m not imaginary?
3. Just trying to look good for everybody. Showing respect to others by not dressing like a lazy bum.

4. Phatch_PH3A5296-Edit-FINAL

Phatchany Phanyanouvong
1. The population, I wish there were less people.
2. I’ve always been true to who I am.
3. It doesn’t at all.

4. Mel_H3A5040-Edit-FINAL

Mel Rice
1. Rent.
2. I am a potter and I own the smallest shop in San Francisco. I work my ass off and love what I do.
3. I grew up in Mexico. Handcraft runs in my blood.

Text & Photography by Toni Zernik