Street Pulse: Dogs

The last days of pleasant fall weather brought San Franciscians (and their canine best friends) out on the streets to show off their personal styles and pedigrees. SOMA caught up with the dogs in order to find out what they think about their pet-obsessed owners. Photography by Rhiannon Nicole Anderson

1 What fashion accessory does your owner obsess over? 2 Who do you idolize? 3 Where is your favorite hangout? 4 What is something about your owner’s style you wish you could change? 5 What would you compare your relationship to? 6 Where did you two meet?

Mariah & Jordan with Penelope
1 My mom loves dresses and my dad loves hats. 2 Snoop Dogg 3 Baker Beach 4 I plead the 5th. 5 Lucy and Ricky 6 At the San Diego airport

Shannon with Salvador
1 Shoes! and lipgloss…yuck. 2 Comet from Full House 3 Duboce Park…great dog watching 4 She should carry bigger purses filled with more treats. 5 Turner and Hooch…besties 6 I wooed her at the SPCA.

Kristel with Gigi La Trottola
1 Vegan shoes 2 Nietzsche 3 Washington Square Park 4 She wears wifebeaters all the time. 5 Thelma and Louise 6 Craigslist “Casual Encounters”

Jae Ng & Carmen with Star
1 I’m the owner! Those pets of mine wear sunglasses & waist belts. 2 Clifford the Big Red Dog because he’s so big! 3 Right in between (my pets), preferably the leg to thigh area 4 The fanny pack has to go! 5 Sonny & Cher 6 On a huge couch

Luciano with Bartolomeo
1 Jackets 2 Valentino Rossi 3 On the road, where the wind blows through my hair and the sun smiles on my face! 4 I’ve already taken care of that…ripped up those pajamas a while back! 5 Batman & Robin 6 The Personals: “Italian boy seeking best-friend who can take danger. Must like pizza.”

Nadia with Gizmo
1 Argyle sweaters 2 Snoopy 3 Fort Funston Park, Fillmore 4 Her tights and leggings. She never lets me jump on her legs when she has them on! 5 Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown…when we fight we are both stubborn! 6 She grabbed me from a paper box…our eyes met and I knew it was love.

Carla with Boris
1 Harnesses, because some of them give me rashes 2 Big tough dogs, little chihuahua girls and doggie treats 3 My couch and the shade at the park 4 I wish she’d wake up early. She’s made me so lazy I can’t wake up before noon anymore! 5 The best of friends. I’ve taught her a lot, especially patience. 6 At a café. I was in between homes. I acted as nice and sweet as possible…then she took me home…Ha! I’ve got her wrapped around my little paw!

Priscilla with Uni
1 The perfect hat and dog bag 2 My owner, of course 3 The shop (Al’s attire)…the best meet up place in town 4 Heels…very distracting in early morning walk 5 Bonnie & Clyde 6 It was love at first sight. We chatted online for a couple days and all of a sudden….I’m moving in!!!