Street Pulse: Social Media

1. What is your favorite social network?
2. How much time do you spend on social media every day?
3. In your opinion, what is the worst social media etiquette?
4. Are you Facebook friends with your parents?
5. Who is the coolest person that you met through social media?
6. What is the longest time that you have gone without checking your social media?

Photography by Ned Rosen


Isabel Goldberg
1. Instagram
2. 1 hour
3. Venting
4. Just my dad, because I manage his social profile
5. A friend of a friend added me on FB, asked me on a date, and we stayed friends.
6. 1 year—I hope your jaws dropped


1. None! Human interaction
2. Enough
3. Facebook
4. What’s Facebook
5. There’s no such thing as cool
6. Months


Ben X Trinh
1. Facebook
2. More than I should probably
3. Over-Sharing
4. Nope
5. I’ll let you know when I meet them!
6. A few hours on a flight, I think


Lauren Biggs
1. Tumblr
2. Too much
3. Over posting mundane events
4. Yes
5. My friend Pasquale!
6. I deactivated my Facebook for a year


Tina Trachtenburg
1. Facebook
2. 1 Hour
3. …
4. Yes
5. …
6. 2 days


1. I use Facebook
2. 2-3 hours
3. Invasion of privacy by social media networks
4. Yes
5. I haven’t met anyone cool through social media
6. 2 weeks


1. Facebook
2. About 5 minutes every waking hour
3. Being Rude
4. Yes
5. I met a lot of new friends through a FB page I manage for my Etsy store, Monster Etc.
6. 12 hours on a flight from Tel Aviv to NYC.