Rozae Nichols

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Fashion designer Rozae Nichols, who grew up in Los Angeles and still lives here after a stint in Paris working for legendary French visionary Serge Bensimon, believes strongly in her California roots. This has forged her insistence on producing garments locally, in a sustainable and responsible fashion.

Nichols started out as a fine artist and graphic designer, and has mentioned in interviews that she would be an industrial designer had she not gone into fashion. These facts make absolute sense to anyone familiar with the artful prints and masterful forms of her designs for “it-brand” Clover Canyon. Launched just a few years ago, after Nichols made the tough decision to shutter her namesake label, the high-fashion, high-quality, yet moderately priced Clover Canyon line quickly garnered a huge fan base, which includes fashion maverick Solange Knowles, actress Olivia Wilde, smart comedienne Mindy Kaling, and even Beyoncé. Fans are drawn in by the dizzying colors, full-on originality, and the fun feel brought on by deliriously eclectic sources of inspiration, which range from “the Brontë sisters, wandering Haight-Ashbury or Carnaby Street,” to geometrically painted Ndebele village houses, and even the psychedelic glamour of the erstwhile Pike amusement park in Long Beach, CA. Also, Clover Canyon’s popular Instagram feed is a testament to Rozae Nichols’ never-ending sources of inspiration and to their ultimate expression.

Where did you get the name Clover Canyon? What does it mean for you?

I live in Laurel Canyon, a magical slice of nature in the hills within the city…with that nature at the heart of it. [The creative team] loved the idea of celebrating the beauty of the world’s canyons, and the very idea of green clovers blanketing the canyon’s hills seemed to embody our spirit of optimism.

Why prints?

Clover Canyon has a passion for print and textiles. We create our own prints, and this has been a starting point for our creative process. The prints narrate the story of each season. We are devoted entirely to the concept of our uniquely engineered (local) printing and in-house engineered cutting process.

Who is your muse or dream client?

From the start of Clover Canyon, Iris Apfel has been our icon. Besides her, it’s really more about certain art and movements and history rather than a particular muse or dream client… […] I am always inspired by people who appreciate the integrity and exuberance we hope to project through every season.

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Text by Karena Akhavein