Acne Style


Stockholm’s smashing success of a brand, ACNE (or Ambition to Create Novel Expression) has cut the ribbon on its new Acne Studio location in downtown Los Angeles. The label has accumulated over 40 worldwide locations, just barely 18 years after its founding. The new store is relative to others, with space age lines and a gleaning silver theme. This atmosphere is the sort that keeps modernism interesting; a blend of hard edges and rich colors makes the layout clean while enhancing its beauty.

A project by Bozarthfornell Architects, the store includes an installation by Belgian artist Carsten Höller. The self-descriptive piece is titled Giant Triple Mushroom; Höller is infamous for the use of fungi in his work. Half of the revolving installation is a replica of a fly-agaric mushroom (Amanita muscaria), a psychoactive substance intimately tied to Siberian shamanism, with the other half composed of a replica of a randomly chosen fungus.

ACNE’s co-founder, Jonny Johansson, is a laid-back creative who has helped lead the charge in bringing everything from clothes to toys to furniture under the label’s umbrella. Not unlike many other Swedish brands, ACNE has expanded into divisions covering a vast span of markets and Acne Studio has carved a niche into the fashion world, most notably with their denim designs. Denim is something Johansson saw as basic and universal; the brand was “launched” when he constructed 100 pairs of jeans with red stitching and sent them to friends and family.

The array of beautifully colored Acne garments meshes perfectly with the visceral design of the new Los Angeles location, with rich hues balanced by a hard, metallic backdrop. The red accents—a gorgeous shade of crimson—are a favorite. Seating with brightly-colored cushioning is nestled in a mesh metal box that lines up precisely with the other rows of identical shapes, some containing shelves, others racks and still others providing a cozy spot for weary shoppers to rest while pondering their next purchase.

Visit the new location at Acne Studios Eastern Columbia Building, 855 S. Broadway, Los Angeles.

To learn more, visit the ACNE label’s website:

Text by Kate Zaliznock