Adam Edwards


Adam Edwards is a long way from home. It’s been two years since he and a few friends packed up and set out from Florida to come to San Francisco. They came to Union Square to open up Hops & Hominy, a restaurant and bar located down an unassuming alley, and they brought with them the soul of southern cooking. It was a bold move for Edwards and company to strike out from home and try to make it as restaurateurs across the country, and Edwards does his best to exemplify that boldness when it comes to his duties as Beverage Director and co-owner of Hops & Hominy. “All we’re trying to do is use fresh ingredients that are as local as possible, and mix things with as little pretentiousness as we can,” Edwards says. “We have to look at ourselves as bartenders and realize that at the end of the day, we’re just trying to make something inventive and fun that’s not too complicated.”
Hops & Hominy sports an impressive selection of revolving microbrews, but Edwards’ true genius is utilized in the eclectic cocktail menu. It may be hard to believe that influence of southern cooking could leak into a drink recipe, but it’s apparent when one looks at Edwards’ cocktail lineup. If it were ever possible to hold the collective soul and affability of the South in one hand, it would happen at the bar of Hops & Hominy. So many of Edwards’ drinks seem to be the perfect pairing with the comfort food that is served at H&H. There’s the Gin and Jam, made with Hendricks house made sour and paired with house made jam. And Edwards isn’t afraid to use our favorite piece of heaven in his drinks: meat. There’s the Pork & Applesauce cocktail, where Edwards uses bacon infused bourbon, which he makes himself with rendered bacon fat, paired in a glass with house made sour and apple schnapps. And finally, there’s the treasured Smoked Bacon Manhattan, made with the Bulleit Bourbon with Edwards’ infusion, with bitters and Antica Formula Vermouth.  “We let the cocktails and atmosphere within the bar speak for itself,” Edwards says. “We’re confident that our drinks will stick up to the tradition that San Francisco has laid out for cocktails.”
Text by Cale finta
Photography by Pierre gussman


Smoked Bacon Manhattan

2 oz Infused Bacon Bulleit Bourbon
¾ oz Carpona Antica Formula
2-3 dashes of Black Walnut Bitters.

Serve chilled, stirred, up with a brandied cherry.