Alexander Wang

Wonder boy does it better

My addiction, I believe, is often motivated by a wakeful—and beautiful—human desire for the ephemeral. For these moments of satisfying transcendence I simply refer to Alexander Wang’s spring/summer 2007 collection. Infused with ’80s utilitarian cool, and spilling at the brim with sex, Wang has taken his eponymous line to new realms of casual luxury.

This is not foreign territory for the boldly ambitious designer who dropped out of school to start his first line two years back. His debut of affordable cashmere successfully married modern styling and classic appeal, proving that you can be all of those things and everything else in the fashion universe while simultaneously being witness to them. There is no specific inspiration for his latest collection; however, fans will enjoy the evolution of Wang’s vision—a combination of “part California surfer bum, a dash of rock and roll, mixed with French tomboy elements.”

But enough about the clothes; let’s talk about the man! Clean yet complex, kind of like his clothes, Alexander Wang grew up on both coasts, never lacking a centrifuge. Born and raised in San Francisco, Chinese American Wang traded the sunny California beaches for the fashion mecca of New York, where he entered Parsons School of Design at the age of 18. Punctuated by internships at Marc Jacobs and Vogue, by his sophomore year Wang was ready to stand on his own, richly textured two feet. Now 22, Wang catches up with SOMA Magazine to talk fashion, fancy, and fun as he embarks on his forth and most ambitious collection to date.

Where do you get your inspirations for your designs?
All over the place, from walking around on the streets to old TV shows from the ’80s.

How would you describe the world of Alexander Wang?
Fun, cheeky, chic, street, luxurious, urban, modern, and classic.

What advice would you give to an aspiring designer?
Do what you want, and believe in and stick with it.

What is the future of Alexander Wang?
Everything from shoes, bags, to skincare—hopefully. (Smiles.)

– Lulu Chang

Reading by Lena, who has no idea this palm belongs to Alexander Wang.

1. Strongly independent. This came early in life. Somewhere around age 14 or so, this person began making their own choices and parents had no further control.

2. Wishes to be recognized by society for having contributed to the welfare of the world. Heroes will be people like Gandhi, Mother Teresa, the Dalai Lama, and such folks.

3. Incredible creativity here. A dreamer who receives inspiration while sleeping and dreaming.

4. Clear-hearted. Will love deeply. One person. Naturally monogamous–and will be the leader in this relationship.

5. Dreams not only for self, but for all humanity–great dreams and high dreams, not individual specific.

6. Self-directed. They will go their own way, making their own choices and living by the results.