Bleach Project

Yasir Bawazier

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Everybody wants to be a cool kid. Whether you’re fourteen or forty, the allure of the dubbed “cool kids table” exists in all sectors of life; it merely transitions from the best table in the cafeteria to the VIP section of the lounge. One thing however, remains the same, fantastic clothing makes for a (seemingly) cool human being, and thanks to James Dean, the coolest you could possibly be is in your favorite t-shirt and jeans. Created as an alternative uniform for submariners working in extreme conditions, the basic cotton tee has now cemented itself as a fashion staple.

A leading innovator, the t-shirt has been a canvas for tie-dye and the (regrettably famous) tuxedo print, as well as new digital graphic designs. And after years of “comfort” and simple screen-printing, the all-over graphic print has finally been exhausted. The basic graphic tee is no more. Street wear is running rampant, runways are taking cues from urban cool kids, and a classic staple is being redesigned. Innovative hemlines and unisex sizes create a new androgyny for men, new technology inspires originative design, and our constant, viral connection creates a need for ingenuity in design and material that inspires new style and transcends the existing.

Joining the race for coolest tee of 2015 is new sportswear brand Bleach Project. Relatively obscure and incredibly bad-ass, this Bali based menswear label is creating a style completely its own. Since its inception in 2013, Bleach Project has been taking elements from the everyday man’s outfit, and crafting them into an avante garde blend of sports and fashion. Made only of natural fibers to ensure the most comfortable fit, it is the little nuances in designer Yasir Bawazier’s work that make the clothing brand truly unique. By seamlessly incorporating patterns that would normally clash and creating new cuts for men’s wear, BP has become the brand for the man who is unafraid to be himself.

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The “I want you” tee is a perfect culmination of innovative fit and design that combines comfort and style. Featuring pop art in the front and a polka dot and stripes print on the back, this oversized tee can take any outfit from streetwalker to street-king. Made from jersey cotton, it is one of the few one-size-fits-all t-shirts on the market, ranging between a large and an extra-large, the perfect size for a women’s t-shirt dress. However, the whole collection is a gallery of androgynous exploration for
the fashion eccentric hoping to break fashion paradigms.

Text by Valeria Mercado