Camilla Arnbert


Winning the Designers’ Nest Competition has shed light on the increasingly popular talents of Camilla Arnbert. She impressed the Designers’ Nest panel of judges with her ability to maintain a strong silhouette while still using unique materials that compromise the boundaries of common texture. Her engaging use of pattern and material remind us that fashion is more than just the clothes you wear.

Attending the Swedish School of Textiles and interning with H&M and KappAhl, Arnbert has already come a long way. At age twenty-six, Arnbert lives in Gothenburg, Sweden where she’s finishing up her Master’s degree and continues to explore her practice, experimenting with different materials and muses to influence her creations. Through her print projects, she has ventured deeper into her curiosities surrounding patterns. One of Arnbert’s most eye-catching talents is her understanding of textiles. While attending school, Arnbert created a mid-year project on transferable prints. The pieces created in the project’s collection were made with remarkable textures, flooded with bright colors. Arnbert has created wearable art for the more daring woman. Although her pieces aren’t something you’d throw on to run to the grocery store, they are versatile enough for any woman to weave into her wardrobe. Her ability to create clothing that has the pleasing blend of texture, pattern, silhouette and material is the reason why people are so drawn to her work, leaving little wonder as to why Arnbert was all the talk at this year’s Copenhagen Fashion Week.

When designing new pieces, developing textiles and choosing garment types are equally important to Arnbert. Her attention to detail in the developmental process is what allows her to use accepted techniques to create new outcomes. When creating the collection exhibited in the Designers’ Nest Competition, Arnbert stepped outside of her comfort zone, striving to intrigue the onlooker with the color and appearance of a piece, and hooks them in with the unique choices of texture. “I don’t believe in forcing a material into something it doesn’t want to be. Instead I want to bring forth its characteristics and potential.” Says Arnbert.

Arnbert’s organic approach allows her to create beautiful pieces that stand out. The way she embraces new materials, and uses their natural form to drive her vision results in collections that inspire a free-formed fashion. Her clothing flows effortlessly with the natural movement of the body. The collection makes it possible for any woman to look effortlessly chic with comfortable ease.

As she finishes up her degree, Arnbert’s future work promises to keep the fashion world on its toes while continuing to push further boundaries and create collections that are nothing short of exquisite.


Text by Kendal McInnis
Photograph by Camilla Arnbert