Chic Beats—Fall Fashion Issue

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Dark Hawks

Dark Hawks bleed “sweet rock ‘n’ roll sensation!” Their explosive sound is backed by vocalist Angelina Anderson, guitarist Matt (Zeggy) Stiegler, Mark Davies on drums, and Buck Neale on bass. The eclectic style and sound stem from Stiegler and Anderson’s time spent in the Hollywood music scene. Originally from Sydney, Australia, the foursome got their wheels turning   the moment they hit American soil, approaching the starting gate by touring with an assortment of reputable bands on the East Coast. Dark Hawks’ drilling guitar hooks and vocals feed their quick on-the-trigger riffs that encapsulate all the markings of a sensational band.

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Sophia Knapp

Somewhere between sleeping and being awake rests angelic qualities of life that so many strive to embrace. Some of this very magic can be found in the sounds of Sophia Knapp. Knapp’s music sends the listener through a euphoric and colorful peacefulness that illuminates both melody and lyric. Knapp is currently working on her sophomore album, which she says differs in terms of dynamics from her last release, Into the Waves.

Knapp says that spending time in Texas, Brazil, and California has allowed her to get back to her roots. This new album is layered with beautiful vocal harmonies accompanied with Knapp’s sunlit presence on piano. Inspired by fashion, she believes it to be an extension of her creativity. The fusion of style alongside her creative process allows her to express herself with a beautifully authentic air.


Zella Day

There is an incandescent quality that Zella Day possesses. She is indeed an old soul, and this resonates throughout her songs with flawless grace. The current Los Angeles resident, who grew up in Pinetop, Arizona, takes a bohemian/indie pop approach toward the content that she puts out into the world. Day’s attention to musical authenticity ripples throughout her work, catapulting her music into the gripping, artistic, and ever-progressive world of authentic art. Day notes that throughout her childhood, she was always looking West. While making frequent trips to visit family in California, she has said that the ocean was a big aesthetic of her childhood and that the sheer presence of the Golden State’s coast influenced her work. Day has stated that she is proud of where she comes from, and credits the spiritual nature in Pinetop, Arizona’s beautiful surroundings to her musical and individual style. Her EP drops October 21st; SOMA suggests tuning into this future iconic artist’s video, brilliantly titled: “Sweet Ophelia.”