Clover Canyon


Travel and fashion have become increasingly intertwined as market globalization has continually expanded throughout the industry. Los Angeles-based Clover Canyon has provided a new clothing oasis by using exotic prints inspired by different locales around the world. Each design is crafted around the body through digital mapping and flattering lines that accentuate and beautifully exaggerate the natural angles of the female form.
The brand is dedicated to “telling a story”. Each collection has a clear theme that, while consistent in some aspects, allows for surprising and inspiring explorations through the individual design of each piece. The latest collection was inspired by the decadence of Russia, from the intricate detailing of ballet attire to the raw ferocity of the Siberian wilderness. The line focuses on elegant outlines and captivating silhouettes, presenting femininity in its modern form.
Materials are hand-selected and patterns are carefully laid out to fit the precise form of the garment. Designs feature geometric prints, and both symbolic and mirror imagery are themes throughout. As trends begin to re-embrace layered pattern looks, Clover Canyon is perfectly poised to lead the charge.
Combining bold prints isn’t a revolutionary idea in the fashion realm, but what is often missed is a precise awareness of symmetry, balance, and most importantly, a keen eye for every opportunity to disrupt both. Herein lies the skill of presenting impactful visuals without dipping a toe in the pool of gaudy.
The Fall 2013 collection encompasses as wide a range of imagery as the vast Russian landscape from which it was inspired. Gallant capes, billowing skirts with high, cinched waists, form-fitting sleek dresses, slouch jackets, polished blazers and embellished knits make up some of this season’s options.
A cape-style dress ensemble is a standout, with its myrtle green fabric and mirroring sets of wings. The same print is re-imagined in a sleeveless, jewel-neck dress, thus illustrating Clover Canyon’s dynamic capabilities with its designs. Another print features swirling cerulean hues slashed with angled black stripes, creating a striking contrast.
The construction of the garments leaves subtle hints to traditional Russian garb, such as the sarafan, while still maintaining a clear grasp on a modern edge. Many trends recycle past imagery, but the true eye is able to collectively gather the most alluring aspects of a garment to then accentuate, edit, and re-imagine the piece in the relevant here and now. What sets Clover Canyon apart from most labels is its commitment to starting each new collection with a clean slate; the theme locale is consistently represented throughout the pieces, from design, construction, color hues, textile selection and ultimately, consumer presentation. These clothes demand not just to be worn, but also to be done so in as lush a location as the garments themselves represent.
Clover Canyon is available at Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Lane Crawford, and other international specialty stores. To purchase online, please visit Net-a-Porter or ShopBop.