Crème Brûlée On The Street

Castro and Market, a corner we San Franciscan’s are well familiar with, has another great reason to stop by. There, in the heart of leather and lace, sits what is becoming a sweet tradition. The Crème Brûlée Cart, with its array of growing flavors brings to life an adult’s fantasy of the ice-cream truck. With fun and decadent crème brûlées, this food truck bucks the trend and ups the ante. Upon arriving at this mobile treat with the warm welcome from the staff, you will find yourself immediately dazed as you try to decide on which flavor to indulge in. Although they continue to evolve their creative offerings, a couple of flavors have become signature: the “Yes Please!” (a combination of nutella, rich chocolate, and swirled with fresh strawberries), and the one of a kind “Smores” brûlée will make an evening stroll all the more sweet.

Owner Curtis Kimball (aka “The Crème Brûlée Man”) not only ventures out of the classic realm of crème brûlée, he also genuinely caters to traditional crème brûlée lovers with his vanilla and double chocolate flavors. While its name and demure décor can suggest “pricey,” the price remains economy-friendly. Visit the truck during its convenient hours, as early as noon until 2:30am (for late night munchers). There are plenty of windows for sneaking out of the office and partake in their sweet delight. So whether you simply stumble across it or you take the long MUNI ride to get to it, one thing’s for sure—Where there is crème brûlée, there is satisfaction.

Text by Jessica Juliao

Photos by Liz Caruana