Delta Lab Studios


The mere act of being inside of a recording studio raises some- one’s street cred, but Denmark’s Delta Lab Studio takes that cool factor and raises it to the 10th power. Thomas Troelsen, an accomplished singer, producer and songwriter, has outdone himself with this designer recording studio. Originally created in 2001, the studio underwent a complete makeover in 2007 that put it on the map as one of the best-designed recording studios in the world. Delta Lab, which charges about $700 per day to record, pro- vides artists with the help of an in-house team and access to their groundbreaking aesthetics. The design is futuristic while giving a nod to the 60s, accomplished by decorating and accessorizing using a campy, science fiction vibe. Famous names such as Bloc Party and G-Unit have taken full advantage of what the studio has to offer. This recording studio has two main studios with numerous smaller studios surrounding. However, two main studios take center stage known as the “Red Studio” and the “White Studio.” The Red Studio is what puts Delta Lab in a class of its own. It is named so because its walls are coated in the most extraordinary, satiating candy apple red. These crimson walls feature half spheres that protrude from the wall giving the room tactile appeal, almost as if there is a code on the wall just waiting for the next promising musician to break it. The Red Studio also has a staircase that leads to a loft where musicians can sit and peruse the vast collection of records that the studio has to offer, all the while thinking up their next big hit. From the Red Studio, a huge window peers into the other main studio, the White Studio. Don’t let the name fool you; the studio is anything but bland. The White Studio features vintage equipment in a geometric-print, black and white room. The White Studio has a mod feeling to it, and the lack of color in the room is intended to keep musicians focused while also appealing to their aesthetic needs. Musicians inside the White Studio will feel like they’ve been transported back to the 60s, one of the greatest times to be in a recording studio. This studio is not all about looking good though, it definitely gets the job done. Delta Lab Studios has a record-breaking (pun intended) number of analog and vintage equipment, the most in Scandinavia. Delta Lab also has a dozen vintage organs and 50 synthesizers and utilizes outboard gear for recording— including a NEVE console from the 60s and an old Studer tape machine. Delta Lab is both state-of–art and a piece-of-art recording studio. Music and design have never looked or sounded so good.


Text by Tess Collins
Photography by Emil Monty Freddie