Dermablend the Blemishes Away

It’s an undeniable truth that whenever you have a slight blemish on your face, you’ll pick that zit endlessly. It will undoubtedly only end up looking worse and probably scar, but we can’t help it. It’s guaranteed that the flawless skin you see on a red carpet isn’t like that all the time. And it’s a pretty safe bet that any one of those fresh-faced celebs has sprouted a blemish the very week of an awards ceremony out of sheer nervousness and stress for the upcoming event.

A spot of foundation can usually be a quick and temporary cover-up for most discolorations. But who are we really kidding?
Yes, it covers an unsightly blemish or spot, but covers it with a caked on layer of paste in a color two shades off of your skin tone. Thankfully, Dermablend Professional takes the concept of foundation to another level.

Dermablend Professional features an array of products, including foundation, concealer, cover-ups, and the all-important setting powder. New to the line are its primers: anti-wrinkle and firming as well as blemish and oil clearing and you-never-thought-you’d-need-it leg and body cover-up. Additionally, Dermablend also offers brushes and make-up remover. Available at some department stores, Ulta beauty stores, and online, Dermablend is comparably priced to most skincare lines.

Dermablend’s wide range of shades comes as close as possible to matching any skin tone. Each of their products varies in intensity according to their purpose. Whether you’re camouflaging a barely noticeable zit or a multi-colored tattoo, Dermablend has something for all your needs. It is the Setting Powder that closes the deal, however, giving the product underneath ultimate staying power.

“Dermablend foundations provide broad spectrum SPF and twice the coverage of a classic foundation for up to 16 hours of wear,” says Renee Mininni, VP of Marketing for the brand. Those with oily and acne-prone skin need not worry, Mininni says, “The products are dermatologist tested, allergy tested, non-comedogenic, non-acnegenic, and fragrance free.”

Both Dermablend’s makeup and makeup removed were featured on model Rick Genest in a popular You Tube video. Genest, known as “Zombie Boy” for his science experiment turned inside out all-over-body tattoo, sits in front of the camera and slowly wipes away the Dermablend cover in parts. When he is fully cleansed, his tattoos are revealed and you are left impressed to complete silence – and a little bit of fright.

“The non-greasy formula thoroughly cleanses skin with no harsh or excessive rubbing and leaves no residue behind,” says Mininni of the make-up remover. “It is a cleanser and no other cleanser is needed after use of the remover.”

Next time you have that job interview where your neck tattoo might be an issue, bust out the Dermablend and land that position. They can discover the real you after you pass the trial period.

Text by Lily Moayeri