Fifti Fifti Lamp


Who would have ever considered a pendant light as an opportunity to customize and exhibit personal flair for design? After all, customizing any product has been seemingly demonstrated by other brands thus far as a privilege, not a right. At Fifti Fifti products, the ability to customize their pendant light to suit ones own taste and aesthetic is a minimum standard.

The Take-Off Light by Fifti Fifti has a simple frame made out of 1mm of powder coated grey steel, which fades respectfully to the background allowing the focus to remain on the shade of the pendant made from two perforated sheets of paper. The perforation is the key element allowing the Take-Off Light to conform to nearly any design the imagination can generate. Strategically poking through the many perforations on the paper illuminates endless possibilities of patterns adorning the Take-Off Light’s shade. We mean endless patterns, like anything from chevron to stripes. In case you can’t decide, an additional perforated paper is included with the light and adheres to its frame by a magnet, accommodating the ability to change out patterns at will.

Come to think of it, why would anyone choose a pendant that wasn’t capable of customization when there’s a head-turning option like this? Clearly, a bright idea.

Text by Jennifer Richardson