Hemlock Tavern

Photography by Geoffrey Ellis

If you’re looking for a hip, smoky dive with $1 bags of peanuts and a full bar, the Hemlock fits the bill. This small club fosters a feeling of intimacy; you’ll be talking to strangers in no time, even if just to navigate your way from the doorway to the bar. There’s wood paneling, dim lights, elk horns, stuffed fish, tacky paintings, generous drinks, a good variety of beers on tap and a crowd that blends punks, indie rockers, hipsters, neighborhood folks, Marina kids, musicians and artists of all races and social strata. They also take music seriously at the Hemlock; there’s no TV to distract you from the sounds being generated by the DJ or the live bands that jam in a small performance space that’s closed off from the rest of the room. It may be the best intimate music venue in the city, with a feel that’s cozy or claustrophobic, depending on how much you like hip to hip contact with your fellow creatures. Death metal, power pop, folk, indie rock and a weekly Punk Rock Sideshow all coincide in this space. It’s LOUD, but isn’t that what rock and roll is all about? The Hemlock is wheelchair accessible and transactions are on a cash only basis, although there is an ATM readily available.

– J. Poet

For more information on Hemlock visit: www.hemlocktavern.com