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Kjaer Weis

Born from Danish makeup artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis, the Kjaer Weis cosmetics line effortlessly intertwines concern for the health of its wearer, environmental accountability and, of course, beautiful cosmetics in one innovatively modern package.

During her experience as an in-demand New York makeup artist, Kjaer Weis developed several concerns: firstly, nearly every model who sat in her chair experienced some form of irritation or allergic reaction to at least one product in her kit, and secondly, she was shocked by the amount of unnecessary waste created by ill-conceived packaging. Partnering with an Italian manufacturer, Kjaer Weis developed a line of certified natural cosmetics made with no artificial ingredients, while maintaining their superbly reliable wear and flawless results.

In addition to bridging the gap between holistic ingredients and the consistent results provided by chemically enhanced cosmetics, Kjaer Weis also thought of a revolutionary design for packaging. The compacts are constructed of sleek, weighty, high-polish metal that utilizes a magnetic closure, allowing the lid to slide open at the touch. The reflective chrome-like exterior finish doubles as a mirror, and houses recyclable paper trays of rich, saturated makeup colors, making it possible to reuse the original compact again and again. This isn’t merely a socially conscious way to package natural beauty products; it’s also a very intelligent marketing strategy. Encouraging users to initially invest in the reusable cases also steers them in the direction of a future repurchase. And why not? With natural ingredients like bamboo, honeysuckle and gardenia extract, the Kjaer Weis line resembles something of a philanthropic super model: beautiful both inside and out.


For those enchanted by all things natural and botanical, the simple styling of Amala’s skin and body care line is entirely inspired by a clear passion for plants and other earthly sources of beauty. Existing as a word in both Tibetan (where it means “most pure”) as well as Spanish (translating to “love her”), Amala encompasses both definitions seamlessly.

Honest transparency in product claims and clinical results in addition to a focus on social responsibility through the use of fair trade farming (with five percent of all profits going back to the company’s organic growers and farming network), Amala offers a refreshing take on holistic, natural options in a saturated beauty industry.

While the product line is extensive and includes everything from moisturizers to rejuvenating facemasks and blemish treatments, all entirely void of any harsh, artificial chemicals, what might be most attractive about the line is the way its packaging clearly reflects the unique, natural product contained inside. Labeling is lettered in a rich copper tone over creamy white backdrops on frosted glass bottles, suggesting a sophisticated product free of anything other than what has been provided by nature. This packaging offers the comforting realization that when a product doesn’t contain anything other than what nature intended, the results are effortlessly beautiful and flawless.

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Cuir Cannage

For anyone who has purchased a new designer handbag—excitedly opening the box and removing the tissue to pick up the prized possession, bringing it to the nose and inhaling deeply—the house of Dior knows exactly how intoxicating this sensation can be, and has created a fragrance capturing this very moment.

Cuir Cannage, the unisex fragrance launched by Dior this year, is inspired by the Lady Dior handbag (which earned its name from its most famous wearer, Princess Diana), and hosts the iconic cannage pattern. The delicious fragrance boasts rich aromas of a luxurious Dior leather handbag mixed with signature floral scents of orange blossom, jasmine, rose and iris.

Other brands might have chosen the obvious-and-boring option of packaging the fragrance in a purse-shaped bottle—but not Dior. Rather, Cuir Cannage offers an elegant appearance that earns of a place of pride atop on anyone’s lingerie chest. A clear bottle exposes the scent’s rich, golden hue and hosts a clean, white, bordered label. The cap is a lacquer black with just three horizontal indented lines. And there stands a classically designed fragrance bottle that will inevitably stand the test of time to become an icon, just as its counterpart handbag.

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Along the same lines of the elegant simplicity of Dior’s fragrance lies a line of scents by the name of Commodity that offers something very unique to the perfume market.

A collection of men’s and women’s fragrances reside in unassuming stout glass bottles labeled with simple, one-word descriptions such as, “Mimosa,” “Tea,” “Dew” or “Pinot,” describing the scent contained inside. Men and women’s respective black and white glass bottles feature cleanly designed text. The intention with this modern, no muss, no fuss packaging is to encourage the mixing and matching of scents to create personalized fragrances. Some scents, like “Gold,” offer richer notes appropriate for a night out or special occasion, while “Paper” offers a fresh, clean day-appropriate fragrance for running errands. Combine the two and you’ve got a perfume or cologne ideal for the office. Men’s and women’s scents can be cross-blended just as easily. Take the men’s “Wool” scent and add it to “Mimosa” for a rich, pleasing fragrance to transition from summer to fall. And because their bottles offer such simple elegance, lining up a collection of several scents is as functional for playing chemist as it is for adding a beautiful arrangement to any dressing table.

By Jennifer Richardson