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Aggregate Vinyl Record Necklace


On the Sly | Reincarnation proves true in Aroha Silhouettes’ reclaimed vinyl jewelry collection. Vancouver-based designer Tania Hennessy reimagines the beloved analog form into geometric charms that play heavily on positive and negative space.

À la Escher, the Aggregate Vinyl Record Necklace features a two-dimensional triangular stack of cubes that allow the skin to peek through each crisp, hand-cut shape.

The Small or Large Full Moon Necklace however pays higher homage to the LP, though subtly still. The disc charms highlight the uniqueness found in each of Hennessy’s pieces with more prominence— fetching arcs in a mix of widths and depths, as is innate to the grooves of each vinyl record, with a tinge of celestial whimsy.

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Brooklyn Charm's mini Harmonica Necklaces

Brooklyn Charm's mini Harmonica Necklaces

BYoM | Bring Your Own Music with Brooklyn Charm’s mini Harmonica Necklaces.
These vintage harmonica pendants play eight different notes, making for a handy companion in pretty much any impromptu situation in which you’d need a mini harmonica.

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And if you’re headed to outdoor music festivals or concerts, bring some noise with one of Brooklyn designer Julie Nolan’s fully functioning vintage whistle necklaces. Styles vary from textured to high-polished cylindrical and rectangular charms.

Another upshot? You’ll never lose your friends at a crowded show again.

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Elisa Solomon's Guitar Pick Necklace

The Headphones Bracelet by Birdhouse Jewelry

Showing off | Elisa Solomon’s Guitar Pick Necklaces allow for a more outright display of appreciation. Made in either 18 karat yellow gold with yellow diamonds or sterling silver with white diamonds, these plectrums are certainly the more posh take on the traditional nylon or plastic route.

The Headphones Bracelet, by Birdhouse Jewelry, offers a more playful sentiment with the tiniest set of loudspeakers to adorn your wrist.

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– Jen Choi