Josephine Anthony

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Recent graduate from Kingston University and previous intern for Michael Van der Ham, Josephine Anthony’s “Sculptural Nature” designs are a force to be reckoned with. Literally. She has a strong fascination with the “deconstructed nature; to see what new shapes it [creates],” as well as forces of nature that humans have no control over.

Raised in the scenic Scandinavian country of Sweden, her family frequently traveled around Europe exposing her to different types of landscapes. However, Iceland, with its uneven, asymmetrical glaciers, was her inspiration for this collection.

This strong appeal to nature is mirrored in her designs. Anthony combines the minimalist approach Swedes have to design with natural elements. She transforms a woman’s body to take on the shapes of nature, creating a very organic silhouette. Along with the neutral color palette of grey and black, she uses solid earth tones like deep burgundy, olive green, and mustard yellow. A black asymmetrical, hi-lo coat in leather is paired with a subtle, muted yellow crop top made out of silk. A structured coat in burgundy that has an asymmetrical lapel with printed alligator leather creates an elongated silhouette. This small detail adds an additional dimension to her design process.

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Anthony again uses animal print in an understated way as an olive green, snake print suede top. The elongated silhouette is again repeated in dress form. A silk, floor-length sac dress is embellished subtly down the front with black metallic detailing.

Another stand out piece is a luxurious, yellow coat made out of suede. Noting the details, a high collar and a strategic half circle cut-out in the back of the coat is unexpected yet somehow makes sense. Just like forces of nature are unpredictable, so are her designs. Sculptural and angled, she is “design[ing] for women who have an appreciation for cuts… and are bold enough to wear different silhouettes.”

Humble in nature, Anthony’s designs allow her voice to shine through. She does not try to be someone she is not; she follows her intuition and creates designs that speak to her and tell her journey. The organic quality of her work is a breath of fresh air and a true reflection on the description of this collection. “Nothing is created. Nothing is destroyed,” Anthony says. “Everything is transformed.”

Text by Tonislava Docheva