London: Dec/Jan 2010

The word “holiday” might take on a new meaning when one crosses 5500 miles over the Atlantic, but that didn’t stop SOMA from chatting with some impossibly charming personalities on the streets of London. Cheers and Happy 2010!

1. Who do you want under the mistletoe this year?
2. What is the coolest present you have ever gotten?
3. Besides world peace, what’s on your holiday “wish list?”
4. What was the most memorable moment in 2009?
5. What is your New Year’s resolution?


1. Errol Flynn
2. Hooded shawl
3. Another way out of here
4. This one
5. Keep on making resolutions for another year


1. All of society
2. An Atari
3. To be with my family
4. Finding Mr. Right—in myself
5. Nothing really


1. Kurt and Sid
2. My Little Pony and Rainbow Brite dolls
3. Snow
4. Quitting my job
5. Learn to sew


1. They don’t know yet
2. A trilobite
3. Rare prints from Liberty
4. It’s yet to happen
5. No need for one


1. Do I have to answer that?
2. These sunglasses
3. Solving life’s greatest questions with better answers
4. The sunny days in the rainy summer
5. Not stopping to have my photograph taken anymore


1. Jude Law
2. Vintage camera Kodak 1968
3. A boyfriend
4. The month of April
5. Become an artist and wander around the world


1. Jack White
2. ’20s vintage ring from friend in Buenos Aires
3. Like that song, “Be happy together, forever”
4. When I got really high at a festival that I can’t seem to remember
5. Remember the best moments of life

Photography by Tony Kinglux


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