Design, like music, is defined, in part, by an inevitable implementation of technological processes and tools. Loomlab, a collection of scarves by designer Jane Henry, combines the technology of contemporary design with the traditional techniques of fine knitwear. The company’s “Ocean Transport” collection for Fall/Winter 2011 draws inspiration from Fibonacci codes, fractal patterns, mood tides, stereographs and Chitimacha basket weaves. Based in LA, Henry operates Loomlab as a side project from her day job at Brochu Walker, a women’s wear design company specializing in chic, layered looks.

Offered in three different fabrics—wool, cotton/wool or silk—Loomlab’s retro-tech aesthetic is apparent via names like the 8bitcode Colorized Silk Square Scarf, Binary Code Square Scarf and QR-Coded Square Scarf. A 2002 fashion design grad from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Henry cut her teeth in tennis apparel for Reebok before exploring higher fashion under Tadashi Shoji, whose signature looks often incorporate an organic view of geometry. Even though the geek-chic trend has mostly faded, there’s still a palpable calling for Loomlab’s signature mix of whimsy with color and geometry. It’s a scientific formula even Thomas Dolby would see for the innumerable remix possibilities.

– Michael Cohen

For more info visit: www.loomlab.com


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