Love to Pose

After an amazing response, SOMA is proud of its tradition of creating stylistic imagery through iconic themes. In this issue, SOMA readers once again posed in homage to their favorite icons. These young creative Londoners offered their own portrayals of these inspiring legends.


I Pose Like: Marlon Brando
Name: Tim Renouf
Occupation: Actor/Model

“A Street Car Named Desire was my first introduction to black and white film and yet watching it felt so alive and incredibly current. Marlon Brando shone. An actor who, rightly so, is considered to be one of the most important actors in American cinema and theatre, and one who I can only dream to aspire to as an actor of my generation.”



I Pose Like: Bette Davis
Name: Hattie Stewart
Occupation: Illustrator

“She’s Bette Davis, an icon, an original, an innovator – the question should be why wouldn’t I want to choose her, which would be a lot harder.”



I Pose Like: Björk
Name: Lynnie Zulu
Occupation: Illustrator

“I love how she creates a truly original world of her own, both musically and visually. “



I Pose Like: Liza Minelli
Name: Chanie Munn
Occupation: Creative Agent/Model

“Liza Minnelli is a dreamer much like myself. If something sounds ridiculous or seems impossible she’ll still reach for it. Don’t listen to anyone who doesn’t know how to dream.”



I Pose Like: Patti Smith
Name: Douglas Dare
Occupation: Musician

“Patti is so honest and at the same time so dramatized; such admirable attributes and so much fun to portray.”



I Pose Like: Picasso
Name: Polly Brown
Occupation: Photographer/Artist

“A man, a gun, a hat and a cigarette. What more could you ask for?”
Photography & Styling by Lula Ososki
Hair by Ranelle Chapman
Make-up by Holly Silius


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