Love to Pose

After an amazing response, Soma is proud of its tradition of creating stylistic imagery through iconic themes. in this issue, Soma readers once again posed in homage to their favorite icons. these young creative San Franciscans offered their own portrayals of these inspiring legends.

Photography by Claudia Goetzelmann
Stylist: Mat Gibilisco
Hair & Make Up: Olga Pirmatova


Model Jennifer Frisch
Posing as Michael Jackson
Occupation Graphic Designer and bemused vegetarian partner in family-run Delicatessen and Café Many years ago I was helping out in a 3rd grade classroom. This one little boy kept staring at me. Finally at the end of class he looked up and said, ‘You look like Michael Jackson.’ He was right. MJ would have been 56 this year. I grew up with him, as many of us did. Wish I had known him better. Would have been nice to hang out with him at Neverland Ranch.

A.C.T. Costume Shop, SF hat
Acne Studios, Barneys NY,
SF Store moto jacket
Zara, SF Store t-shirt
H&M, SF Store belt
H&M, SF Store pants
American Apparel socks
Stylists own shoes


Model Camelia Skikos
Poses as Bjork
Occupation Fashion Designer

Bjork is a very experimental and innovative artist…Her ability of expressing emotions through sounds, colors, shapes, textures and combining all of them is very unique… She is always considering what it is to be… Her style is very unconventional and avantgarde. As a designer I really like that she always wears clothes that are very creative and express her individuality.

Isabel Marant Etoile, Barneys NY, SF Store tunic dress


Model Michael Voege
Poses as Bono
Occupation The creative type

A funny thing happened while on vacation in Costa Rica touring rentals. A little boy showing asked “are you Bono?” Confused at first, then I got it, I said no. He replied, “I don’t like Bono.” Since then periodically people say I look like Bono, some even take pictures. Bono got out of his rockstar lifestyle to change the world. He is a good guy, a doer. That’s what I adore.

Prada Sport, Macy’s, SF Store glasses
Burberry, Bloomingdales,
SF Store
suit blazer
Models own t-shirt


Model Domenique Terry
Posing as Grace Jones
Occupation Singer/Actress/Model

Grace Jones is an outspoken individual, although her fashion sense, unique look, and confidence spoke for her.

Maison Martin Margiela, Barneys NY,
SF Store
H&M, SF Store slacks


Model Nicholas Sauer
Posing as Justin O’shea
Occupation Designer/Model

O’shea carries such confidence and intensity into the fashion world, playing with contrast and contradiction, feminine prints with meticulously cut suits, and tattooed hands. No rules apply when talking about Justin O’shea.

Ted Baker, Sui Generes Vintage and Consignment, SF wool coat
Saint Lauranta, Barneys NY,
SF Store
bow tie
Stylists own shirt
Models own jeans & jewelry


Model Paige Russell
Posting as Feist
Occupation Product Designer

Feist puts an incredible amount of talent, intelligence and playfulness into her music. She’s a strong woman who isn’t afraid to be vulnerable—or to crowd surf in a blue sequined onesie. As a result, I have an immense amount of respect for my fellow Canadian.

Isabel Marant Etoile, Barneys NY,
SF Store
Zara, SF Store t-shirt
Gap, SF Store jeans


Model Matt Barnicle
Posing as Keanu Reeves as Neo in “The Matrix”
Occupation Software Engineer

Why are you posing like this person? It seems to me that our existence is one in which we are on a path toward waking up from a cosmic dream. I appreciate his character for facing the challenge and waking up to his true potential, attaining self mastery and becoming one with everything. And he’s just plain bad ass too.

Oakley, Macys, SF Store glasses
John Varvatos, SF Store leather blazer
Models own t-shirt & jeans