Maison Moschino

“What happens when you step inside a dream? Or rather, what happens when you dream inside a dream?”
This is the question that the Maison Moschino hotel in Milan poses to you. Don’t let the outer façade of this former railway station fool you; the inside is adorned like a fantasy, Moschino style. With 65 guest rooms incorporating 16 themes such as “Sleeping in a Ballgown,” “Little Red Riding Hood,” and “Blue,” this boutique hotel is a destination for anyone who loves fashion.

Moschino’s creative director, Rossella Jardini, doesn’t stray far from the whimsical aesthetic that the brand is best known for. Each room is meticulously designed to be both minimal and over-the-top, with just a dash of quirkiness. Headboards made with red, white, and black ball gowns continue onto the rest of the bed, life-sized dress forms are converted into light fixtures, and shoeboxes are turned into breakfast trays. Each room is engineered to make you feel like you’re inside of the bustling mind of Jardini herself. The “Blue” guestroom is especially notable, comprised of a palette of blues and blacks that further the overall theme of a living dreamscape. And when you awaken, you can stroll over to Corso Como 10 – one of the world’s most acclaimed fashion and arts emporiums.

From the toiletries strung on classic Moschino keychains in the bathrooms, to the dress form lamps in the bedrooms, you’ll think you’ve died and gone to Moschino heaven.

– Emily Wong