Monsters are Waiting

Text by Allison Bloch
Photograph by Zen Sekizawa

From their name to their unique mode of transportation (a short bus complete with two dogs, Bear and Monkey), the four members of Monsters Are Waiting combine refreshingly quirky behavior with style and sophistication. Emerging from Southern California comes a band with its own brand of indie rock: steady bass beats, sharp guitar hooks and a pulsating drumbeat laced together with a soft, feminine lead vocal.

“When we write together, we just start playing whatever comes off the top of our heads,” says Annalee Fery, the singer for the band. “Some-times I’ll just start singing stupid stuff and that’s what comes out.” Adds drummer Eric Gardner, “I think that so many bands out there are just so one-dimensional, and I think that with us, each song comes from a different place stylistically.”

Rounding out the Monsters ensemble are Andrew Clark (guitar, bass) and Jon Siebels (guitar, bass and vocals). Initially, the boys started the band, with Fery eventually joining them, full of her own songs and ideas. “Our goal is to play music and to be able to travel,” Siebels says. “I don’t think we had this set goal to sell this amount of records or to get signed to this certain label.”

Monsters have spent the past few months promoting their first full-length album Fascination, and have toured with the Editors and She Wants Revenge – all to prepare them for what lies ahead: a possible U.K. tour and release of their album. Initially, Fery simulataneously repels and attracts you with her high, baby-like performing voice. To create a new environment for their audience, the band drapes bright, purple lights over the drum set and amps, with a backdrop of a projection screen that flashes psychedelic colors with images of Fery.

Monsters Are Waiting also breaks the typical all-male rock formation, though Fery sees herself as just one of the guys. “I’m used to being around all boys. I grew up with three older brothers,” she says. “People just can’t take things for what they are. If I was a boy, I don’t know if it would be any better but maybe a little less emotional at times.”

For Monsters Are Waiting, breaking the mold and being unconventional is their motto. After all, what band would offer a complete stranger a ride back to LA in their short bus?


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