Packed with Style

Text by Dena Smolek

When it comes to luggage, black roller bags are the norm with an occasional red or floral print (à la your grandma’s curtains) to break up the monotony. Award-winning designer Hideo Wakamatsu offers cool alternatives to boring bags with his Hideo-brand bags. Merging style, functionality and quality, Hideo suitcases are the ultimate carryalls.
Mod trolleys, in shiny orange or red, assure your bag will be easy to spot at baggage claim. Camouflage and leopard prints make a statement as well, and girlie girls would probably fall for the Sakura bag, which sports a lively pink cherry blossom design. The Easel bag has a translucent top and built-in picture frame so you can personally customize it. If you must resort to traditional luggage, Hideo has nylon styles with zippered pockets in basic black. The Three Line, with a basketball rubber face, is a sleek and subtle option. In addition to trolleys, Hideo makes great carry-on totes, computer bags and messengers with innovative fabrics (some vegan).

Wakamatsu worked in Paris for 10 years before returning to his native Japan to launch the line, which is a “fusion of Japanese and French traditions.” Alan Anderson, U.S. distributor for Hideo, describes the designer as an old-school craftsman, capable of innovating visual design and manufacturing techniques. Hideo’s hard-shelled lightweight designs, made from ABS plastic (the same material used in motorcycle helmets), are chic substitutes to standard suitcases.

Flight 001 stores in New York, San Francisco, LA and Chicago count Hideo as one of their most popular brands. “The customer at Flight 001 is very sophisticated, and they know a good piece of luggage,” says Brad John, co-founder of Flight 001. “This is one of the reasons that we do so well with Hideo, besides its uniqueness. Many customers are now seeing luggage as a great accessory and want to look good at the airport.”


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