Pain-free Waxing


Spring is here, which inevitably means abbreviated clothing. Be it Missoni bikini bottoms, Isabel Marant zipped and studded paisley Daisy Dukes, or Alexander McQueen gold-sequined micro-shorts, the conclusion remains the same: It’s time to go bare. And that means waxing. For those who regularly undergo the dreaded bikini wax, the very idea of can induce wincing. It summons memories of the physical discomfort of having one’s body hair ripped out at the root, as well as the psychological distress of maneuvering into pretzel-like poses and exposing one’s most intimate anatomy to a stranger. Yet people continue to get their bodies waxed, because the ancient procedure remains one of the more effective, budget-friendly depilatory methods available.

The good news is that Stript Wax Bar has revolutionized what was once a decidedly unglamorous personal grooming chore. Gone are the days of waxing as an afterthought, something to be performed by one’s nail lady after a mani-pedi. Katherine Goldman, a Master Waxer with over ten years of experience in removing unwanted hair, is the mastermind behind a new standard in personal grooming. Stript Wax Bars are stylish, elegant salons where waxing is the focus and expert technicians ensure that clients are as comfortable as possible. With six convenient locations, including an outpost on San Francisco’s Union Street, West Hollywood’s trendy West 3rd Street, as well as downtown Palo Alto for the tech gals, this successful concept should soon be ubiquitous.

As the Stript Wax Bar’s website warns, “Those looking for dim lights and Enya music need not apply.” Rather, the décor of Stript skews “modern boudoir.” With art deco wallpaper, designer wood floors, and white furniture with posh tufted detailing, each location conspires to create a sexy and sophisticated space. Another civilized detail: to take the edge off the pain of waxing, Stript clients are offered a complimentary glass of champagne or wine before a service. Teetotalers can take comfort in the salon’s specially formulated numbing spray.

Text by Karena Akhavein