RJ Bijoux


It’s hard to deny that art begets art. As the offspring of creative, artistically engaged parents, sisters Rena and Juliet emigrated from Russia to America at a young age and quickly became immersed in their new and inspiring surroundings. Through their father’s stained glass art, they had an ingrained sense of the value of creativity, which ultimately led to the creation of RJ Bijoux.

A San Francisco-based jewelry company, RJ Bijoux provides lush designs partnered with intricate construction to form ornate, Russian-influenced pieces. Major themes are draped necklaces, drop earrings and ribbon threading, all accompanied by beautifully shaped stones and rich metalwork. These accessories add a touch of royalty to any ensemble, daring the eye to wander elsewhere.

The company began as an offshoot from a charity project that Rena and Juliet contributed to in an effort to raise funds for youth in need. After seeing the success of the initiative, the sisters decided to take the leap into the market, quickly making a splash and catching the eye of numerous fashionistas around the globe. The impact of the RJ Bijoux launch led to several major appearances throughout the international fashion community and the company is continuously establishing its brand as a mark of sophistication.

With the summer season well underway, RJ Bijoux offers the perfect accents to turn the night’s evening wear into a statement of elegance. The brand is known for its more dramatic pieces, but also includes subtle touches ideal for casual, sunny day outfits. Whatever the attire, RJ Bijoux provides a beautiful way to add a touch of grace.

Text by Kate Zaliznock