Saint Laurent Store Re-opens

Saint Laurent Flagship Store Re-opens in Beverly Hills


The world’s largest Saint Laurent retail store for women, located at 326 North Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, reopened on September 13th with a new concept guided by Creative and Image Director Hedi Slimane. Slimane has been at work reforming the brand since the beginning of his tenure as Director in March 2012. Notably, the décor is influenced by the philosophies of the Union des Artistes Modernes (UAM), a French movement that lasted from 1929-1959, and was made up of artists who rejected extravagance and emphasized design. Artists who are influenced by this movement typically highlight functional materials such as concrete and glass.

The Saint Laurent flagship women’s store features polished slabs of “black silk” and “statuary white” marble that are contrasted by a raw concrete formwork and paired with dark leather upholstery, 1930s-style “extra clear” mirrors, and nickel-plated brass hangbars. The combination of these elements creates an ambiance that ranges between stark and sensual.  As per the philosophies of UAM, the functional materials found in the shop serve as the décor. The mathematical repetition from the display cases and strip lighting, coupled with vintage furnishings from modernists such as René Herbst and André Sourney, result in a look and feel that is simultaneously simple, dramatic, and luxurious.


The new Saint Laurent identity is not limited to the retail décor. Naturally, the revised branding extends to the product itself. Slimane has returned the company to its roots by focusing on ready-to-wear clothing and designs that offer a balance between “the street” and “the salon.”

The 10,000-foot flagship store consists of three floors. The first features a mélange from all product lines with a focus on the casual and ready-to-wear. A large staircase leads shoppers to the more intimate second floor containing shoes and additional ready-to-wear pieces. The third floor is a private dressing salon. The men’s collection, which offers a similarly branded shopping experience, can be found just down the street at 469 North Rodeo Drive.

The Saint Laurent branding reform offers shoppers an entire aesthetic experience, from architecture to apparel.

By Talia Page


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