Shoes that Rock

To take a blank canvas and cover it with paint is how one can achieve greatness. To take a blank pair of Chuck Taylor All Stars and collaborate with some of the most groundbreaking musicians from the 21st century is to make an iconic product even greater. It’s no secret that Converse has graced the feet of some of America’s greatest musicians over the last three quarters of a century, from Elvis Presley to Bruce Springsteen. As the ‘Jack Purcell’ is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, Converse’s close ties with the music industry are captured in their Fall capsule collection, demonstrating that this iconic style is as relevant today as the day it was launched—long before the days of designer sneakers with stratospheric price tags. Inspired by the greats of the 1960s Monterey Pop Festival, this collection of Chuck Taylors feature graphics taken from albums and rock ‘n’ roll iconography, embodying the spirit and individuality of each artist.

Jimi Hendrix’s unique and raw style comes to life in each of his styles. The first features his iconic British military jacket that’s transformed into a shoe with gold metallic cording detail on navy wool. Another style uses the artwork from his breakthrough album cover Electric Ladyland with a silkscreen of his silhouette in orange and yellow. The vivid psychedelic graphics from his album Axis: Bold as Love serves as the inspiration of his third style.

True to the Grateful Dead’s love of all things hemp, their style is created from black hemp silkscreened with their signature skull and roses logo. The Janis Joplin collection has two styles: one features her signature image that is silkscreened on denim, the other channels her free spirit, hippie chick style through an embroidered and top stitched pink garment dyed canvas with an Eastern feel.

Quadrophenia and Tommy fans will love The Who’s Brit Invasion style that has an embroidered Union Jack on the side and their logo on the tongue.
Even if you weren’t born before the summer of love, if you love rock ‘n’ roll, you’ll love this collection.

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-Hillary Latos