Street Pulse


1. Paris pet peeve 2. Special talent/skill 3. Longest you’ve stayed off social media.
4. Your personality in one word. 5. One of your favorite spots in Paris. What is your zodiac sign?

6. Miriam

Miriam Odemba

1. Untrustworthy cab drivers 2. Good listener with an entrepreneurial spirit
3. One month when doing charity in Tanzania. 4. Hardworking 5. Le Grand Palais

6. Alina

Alina Gelzina

1. Fashion week traffic 2. Stylist 3. Never  4. Introvert 5. Jardin des Tuileries

6. LiuHsinYu

Liu Hsin Yu

1. Poor sense of style. 2. Modeling and architecture. 3. A year off Facebook. 4. Friendly 5. Seine river.

6. Liliia

Liliia Roslyk

1. Paris is the perfect place to be. 2. Creativity and fashion 3. As my longest flight. 4. Fearless 5. Montmart

6. Sara

Sara Rosetto

1. Traffic! 2. Good listener and memory. 3. One week.  4. Ambitious 5. “La Terrasse” at Park Hyatt hotel

6. Massimiliano

Massimiliano Sortino

1. Delay at fashion shows 2. I love fashion.. 3. Not more than 10 minutes. 4. Complicated 5. Colette

6. Petite

Petite Meller

1. None. “J’adore” Paris. 2. Singer/songwriter 3. I’m so offline! 4. Blushing 5. Porte de Vanves vintage market

Text by Sissi Johnson
Photography by Mathieu Jaïs


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