Street Pulse

San Francisco

1. Favorite Films     2. Favorite Director   3. Favorite Musician of All Time

Street Pulse-9 Lauren Guerdat

Lauren Guerdat

1. Heather, The Royal Tenenbaums and Midnight in Paris 2. Wes Anderson 3.  Prince


Street Pulse-2.Joshua Van Leader

Joshua Van Leader

1. Dior and I  2. Ridley Scott 3.  Frank Sinatra

Street Pulse-5.Domenica Domiray

Domenica Domiray

1.Chocolat, Bananas 2. Woody Allen 3. Led Zeppelin, Living Legends

Street Pulse-8. Lennart Fleschhut

Lennart Fleschhut

1. Warrior, 99 Francs, Interstellar 2. Christopher Nolan, Nicolas Winding Refn 3. Nicolas Jaar, City and Colour, Youth Lagoon

Street Pulse-3.MiRi Park


1. The Science of Sleep, The Sound of  Music  2. Michel Gondry 3. The Beatles

Street Pulse-12 Elias Harrison

Elias Harrison

1. 2001 A Space Odyssey, the Good the Bad and the Ugly 2. Stanley Kubrick   3. Giorgio Maurader

Street Pulse-4 JongChan Kim

Jong Chan Kim

1. Knocking on Heavens Door, Nobody, No Country for Old Man 2. Guy Richie, Christopher Nolan, Shinkai Makoto 3. Muse, John Legend, Daft Punk

Street Pulse-1 Mireya Gartland

Mireya Gartland

1. The 400 Blows, Harold & Maude, Star Wars Original Trilogy  2. Wes Anderson, Stanley Kubrick, Christopher Nolan  3.  No Idea; Kpop, Childish Gambino          

Street Pulse-6 Alexander McNally

Alexander McNally

1. Batman Trilogy, Lawless, Lord of the Rings & the Hobbit 2. Christopher Nolan 3. Cold Play

Street Pulse-7 Marion Guidicelli

Marion Guidicelli

1. Pulp Ficton, Sheitan  2. Mathieu Kasovitz 3. Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley

Street Pulse-11 Zeynep Enderoglu

Zeynep Enderoglu

1. Wings Of Desire, Anti-Christ  2. Jean Luc Godard 3. Nina Simone, Björk

Street Pulse-10 Fujio Emura

Fujio Emura

1. Leon the Professional, Skin I live in  2. Alejandro Jodorwsky 3.  SBTRKT,  Anything UK House


text & photography by Eric Park


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