Los Angeles: Sept 2010

Los Angeles is known for its creative energy, making dynamic fashion statements upon the streets everyday. For the Fashion issue, SOMA asks some of LA’s most inventive people:

1. How has the economy affected fashion?
2. Where is the best place to find cheap/stylish clothes?
3. Who/what inspires you fashion-wise?
4. Best article of clothing to splurge on?
5. What item should be a staple in everyone’s wardrobe?
6. Any new fashion discoveries?

1. Big designers are moving their lines to places like Target.
2. Goodwill.
3. Richard Hell, Johnny Thunders from the New York Dolls.
4. Boutique, LA designers.
5. Black pants and a black coat.
6. Suspenders.

1. I don’t know—I don’t buy clothes.
2. eBay.
3. The ocean, nautical stuff.
4. Socks.
5. T-shirts and jeans.
6. I don’t know—I don’t care about clothes that much.

1. Make you want to get even crazier with it!
2. Thrifting.
3. Sheila B.
4. Kucoon.
5. Kucoon.
6. Kucoon.

1. Has geared people towards thrifting and the mainstream cheap.
2. Melrose Trading Post and online bargains.
3. The Stylish Wanderer blog and my own tastes.
4. Shoes—I love wedges!
5. A really chunky piece of jewelry.
6. Body chain jewelry.

1. Made people work harder to make better styles.
2. I can’t tell anyone because they’ll get them before me.
3. My girlfriend, Camille.
4. Shoes.
5. A good belt buckle.
6. Cheese Styles—it’s a leather goods line.

1. People can’t pay as much for clothes so they don’t buy as much.
2. Wasteland, random thrift stores, flea markets.
3. I like a lot of modern stuff, but also the ‘60’s.
4. A good dress or shoes.
5. T-shirt or button down.
6. LD Tuttle for shoes.

1. Makes people more creative in choosing and making old pieces work in new ways.
2. Thrift-ing/vintage, but also the H&M’s and Forever 21’s.
3. Adapting to different scenarios.
4. A good pair of shoes.
5. Basic pair of jeans and a pair of heels that are casual and yet dressy.
6. The crop top.

– Amethyst Wang

Photography by Kat Borchart