Street Pulse: London

As fashion week partied its way into London, SOMA caught up with off-catwalk birds and blokes to talk about style and the perks of hosting all those tents. 1 What’s the first thing you notice about someone? 2 What do you like most about yourself? 3 What is your style trademark? 4 If you could be another person for a day, whom would you choose? 5 What public person has the best style in the world? 6 What is your favorite part of London Fashion Week? 7 What makes Londoners unique?

Susan, 41, Artist
1 What they have to say. 2 My art. 3 Color. 4 Vivienne Westwood. 5 Michael Eavis. 6 The friendliness. 7 Everyone has their own style.

Alex Bowens, 23, The Father
1 Hair-lip? 2 Nostrils. 3 Can of coke in hand. 4 Doherty and get Babyshambles back on the road. 5 Kersal. 6 Fizzy wine stuff. 7 They love to winge about people.

Emil Brynge, 21, Musician
1 Hair or jacket. 2 My friends. 3 I like colors to clash in a certain way. 4 Dave Grohl. 5 Boris Johnson. 6 All the beautiful people. 7 Diversity.

Ting Yung, 25, Hairdresser
1 Hair. 2 Hair. 3 Ever-changing hair. 4 Noel Fielding. 5 Steve McQueen. 6 The new trends. 7 Always wearing inappropriate footwear.

Lucy McGarry, 26, Stylist
1 Eyes. 2 My tattoos. 3 My underwear. 4 Rose Mcgowan. 5 Dita Von Teese. 6 The dirty parties. 7 It’s a London thing.

Alex Wong, 20, Illustrator
1 Shoes. 2 My family. 3 It’s ever changing. 4 Paul Wellar. 5 I hate to say it, but David Beckham has style. 6 The parties and the creativity in the catwalk shows. 7 The love for skinny jeans?

Becky & Lydia, 17, Students
1 Their outfit. 2 The fact that I can wear the stickiest lipstick in the world and my hair will never get stuck to it. 3 Pointy shoes and bright colors. 4 The Queen. 5 Vivienne Westwood. 6 The parties. 7 The way they don’t care if people think they look crazy.