Street Pulse: Milan

Text by Rosa Maria Bertoli
Photography by Natalia Cazzola Dolce

In a search for some festive chill, SOMA flew to Milan, Italy’s capital of cool—and of extremely cold temperatures. We were able to catch up with a bunch of local fashion insiders who didn’t only express their ideas on current economy and politics, but were also happy to discuss fashion, their city and the holiday season. 1 What’s your winter staple this year? 2 Your favorite Milanese boutique. 3 Your favourite hangout in the city. 4 What will you give this Christmas? What are you hoping to receive? 5 Considering the current economic climate, how do you think the creative industry will be affected? 6 What’s your opinion on the election of Barack Obama.

Andrea Sagrini, fashion designer
1 The knitted jacket I’m wearing. 2 10 Corso Como. 3 Mono (via Panfilo Castaldi). 4 I don’t give gifts, I do charity donations and then have a letter sent to my friends. 5 Very heavy: the first things that get cut in these circumstances are creativity and research, so the consequences are going to be extremely hard on the industry, every sector is going to be affected. 6 I hope he makes a lot of changes.

Fabio Damato, stylist
1 A long, grey cashmere scarf 2 Cavalli & Nastri (via Brera, via Gian Giacomo Mora). It’s the only place where you can buy an YSL vintage tuxedo. 3 Plastic (on a Saturday). 4 For my best friend, the Steven Meisel Jigsaw Puzzle. I’d like to receive a piece of Chinese furniture. 5 Only the most popular designers, with the better ideas, can go on. 6 It’s not that easy to change, but Obama is going to be building a new image for the U.S.

Pietro Luigi Colombo, design assistant
1 A blazer 2 Prada (Galleria Vittorio Emanuele). 3 Mono (via Panfilo Castaldi). 4 I’m giving books and CDs, I’d like to receive a pair of shoes by Church. 5 I think the crisis is mainly felt at the lower levels, as the luxury industry is generally aimed at higher levels of society. I think this situation will lead to a more discreet style, no tasteless excess. 6 My hope is for everything to get better, as there’s been eight years of bad things already.

Lucilla Bonaccorsi, designer
1 A printed satin chemisier. 2 Luisa Beccaria (via Formentini). 3 Bar Jamaica (Ponte di Brera) for happy hour; La Torre di Pisa (via Fiori chiari) for dinner. 4 I’ve had flower-printed clutch bags made for my friends. I’d like to receive something for my house. 5 I hope the creative process isn’t damaged by the crisis. It will be hard, but new collections have to be produced, and be more amazing than ever. 6 I am sure he will help the country, even if he has a lot of work

Manuela Bima, textile researcher
1 The Zara coat I’m wearing. 2 Boffi (via Solferino). 3 Da Ricci (Piazza Repubblica). 4 I want to give and receive plane tickets. I want to go to Brazil, and get a certain someone to Italy. 5 I think in a year’s time research will be over because of the lack of funds. It will be very hard to go on like this. 6 I hope he brings innovation. It’s good to see someone young as president; historically, power is generally held by old people and this is a nice change.

Maria Giovanna Poli, writer
1 A mid-length coat 2 La Rèverie (Via Solferino). 3 Timè (Piazza San Marco). 4 I love books, so I always give them as gifts and receive them from everyone, especially fashion books. 5 I don’t think the recession will be felt this much: the luxury market will not be affected, and it also seems that people are keeping up spending for things that will last them forever. Creativity won’t be penalized; it will find new ways of expression and produce more durable things.

Greta Arienti, Fashion Design Student
1 Doc Martens, to be worn with skirts. 2 Humana vintage (via Cappellari): they get new stuff every day, I love their accessories collection, and Frip (Corso di Porta Ticinese), the best in town for new and avant-garde designers. 3 Magazzini Generali (via Pietrasanta), Bond (via Pasquale Paoli) for happy hour. 4 I’ll buy my boyfriend a coat. I’d like to receive a plane ticket to get away. I’d like to go to New York. 5 We need a big change in the system, and this crisis is a way to find new methods to work creatively. The outcome will be positive. 6 Viva Obama! I think the changes will be good. It will certainly be a different way of governing, but I am sure he’ll find solutions to many problems.