Street Pulse: New York City

1. What’s your connection to the fashion world?
2. What’s your most cherished accessory or clothing item?
3. What influences your fashion choices?
4. What do you think is the most fashionable city?
5. Pick one word or phrase to describe your fashion sense.

Photos by Jena Cumbo


Azra Red
1. Make-up artist
2. My Kenneth Cole purse
3. Art and music; Dragonette, Roisin Murphy
4. NYC
5. Nonchalant


Mark Bufalini
1. Co-founder of fashion app
2. My Air Jordan III sneakers
3. Street wear and sneaker blogs
4. NYC
5. Sporty prep


Mary Dorn
1. I love to shop
2. My Marc Jacobs neon orange bag
3. Designers Marc Jacobs and Jeffery Campbell
4. NYC
5. ‘Com+flectic’ (Comfy and Eclectic)


Talia Shvedova
1. Model with Fenton Moon
2. Big Plastic Rings
3. Russian Vogue, ‘80s rock and pop music
4. Paris
5. Masculine and romantic


Kris Edelen
1. I come from a long line of shopaholics
2. My Yeezy Nikes
3. British style and Kayne West
4. San Francisco
5. Street prep


Lynda Borgos
1. Dresser at Fashion Week
2. My Forever 21 Leopard print skirt
3. My personal morals and confidence
4. NYC
5. Comfortable classic


Luke Abby
1. Prop and set designer,
2. My crystal encrusted Thomas Sabo Skull Ring
3. The club scene of the ‘80s and ‘90s
4. London
5. Sexual