Street Pulse: New York

The musicians featured below hail from the Big Apple, one of our favorite cities in the world. These rockers share their favorite music, thoughts on touring and stage style. The stage is where they make people go crazy, sweat like crazy and most importantly, rock out like crazy. 1 What do you think about when you’re onstage? 2 What does your mom think about what you’re doing? 3 What’s your favorite aspect of touring? 4 Worst thing about touring?
5 What is your favorite thing to wear onstage? 6 What are you currently listening to? Photography by Jeff Forney

Nina Mehta of First Nation
1 Usually, I’m just thinking about the songs I’m playing, or I’m not thinking at all. 2 My mom is super supportive when I’m excited about what I’m doing, but she’s really happy that I do other things outside of music. 3 The tour we went on with Animal Collective and Barr was sweet because we got to hang out with our friends. 4 The schedule of waking, driving, playing, sleeping, waking, driving is exhausting. 5 I used to like to wear shirts with hoods, so I could hide on stage, but I’m trying to be less shy. On tour, comfort won over aesthetic. 6 Right now, I’m loving that Cassie song “Me and U,” but I listen to a lot of Hindi film soundtracks, late-60’s and early-70’s Brazilian clube de esquina.

John Colpitts of Oneida
1 Dancing ladies. 2 She wishes that I didn’t do this but whatever. 3 Dancing ladies at shows. 4 Having wet clothes all the time. That’s me – I’m the drummer and that’s pretty harsh. 5 Once a designer told me that she would design some pants to wear drumming so all the sweat would be managed. I wish I wore those but she never made them for me. I think she said she would use terry cloth – but that actually seems like it would suck. 6 David Axelrod and Tiny Tim.

Rob Corradetti of Mixel Pixel
1 I tend to not think about anything except making the crowd get crazier. 2 She’s totally down with us! Last time I went to my parents’ house they had Mixel Pixel posters hanging up in the entranceway covering up their other pictures. 3 Meeting a bunch of kids and people at shows and going to weird towns where people think it sucks. 4 Constantly having to keep track of a bunch of random junk like shampoo, duct tape and the one-hitter. I gradually stop bathing, shaving, and forget to look in the mirror. I come back home and feel like a wild animal. 5 We used to have matching white track suits with felt creatures sewn onto them, but they got ruined. 6 Pink Mountaintops, Ariel Pink, Pink Floyd, The Legendary Pink Dots and Pink.

Ian Vanek of Japanther
1 Summoning a collective energy through dance and sound. Focusing on playing the drum kit in exciting ways so humans will dance and smile. 2 My mom loves what we are doing and even helps with our Tapes Records label. Matt’s mom lets up play in her basement and his Dad gives us rides to and from airports now and again. 3 I love meeting new people who feel like old friends and old friends who feel like brothers and sisters. Oh, I can’t forget enemies who teach us valuable lessons along the way. 4 I can’t think of any bad aspects of touring with Japanther!
5 Designer shit! 6 Icky Boyfriends, Bananas, Sexy, Onion Flavored Rings, Bent Outta Shape, E-40, This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb and New Bad Things.

Darian Zahedi of The Witnesses
1 “Man we sound good!” 2 Momma is proud of her wittle baby. 3 Anyone who said you can’t run from your troubles is wrong. 4 Having to withdraw from Taco Bell at the end. 5 Bling from Pirate Supplies in Brooklyn. 6 TK Webb, The Coydogs and The Lights.

Yuki Chikudate of Asobi Seksu
1 On a good day, I feel lucky to be making music with such good friends. 2 She “tries” to understand what I’m doing. She just wants me to cross over to Japan. That would be a real success for her! 3 Things just keep moving no matter what. And there’s always the next show. 4 Being held at gunpoint and handcuffed by Louisiana cops for no reason. 5 Colorful dresses. 6 Aceyalone and RJD2.