Street Pulse: San Francisco

1. Why is design important? Why does the design or creation of something even matter?
2. If you could redesign any object, what would it be?
3. How would you describe your personal style?
4. If you could shadow any designer for a day, who would it be?
5. Where do you look for obscure sources of inspiration?
6. What do you consider to be the most iconic design piece of the last century?


Ligardy Termonfils
1. Without it, there is no change or evolution
2. The Batmobile
3. A combination of trendy, classic, and utilitarian
4. Pharrell Williams
5. Movies and old cartoons
6. The iPod


Alexandra Haag
1. Because we were all created by design
2. Rolex watch
3. A reflection of the mood I’m in. Lately, I love juxtaposition in styling
4. Gianni Versace
5. Culture, travel, nature
6. Apple products


Brett Denuo
1. Design makes life more beautiful, simple
2. The fucking subways, man
3. Broke, aspirational, classic, aggressive
4. Jenna Lyons
5. My 16-year-old nephew
6. Snohetta (Oslo Opera House)


Chunya Jiang
1. Because it separates the mediocre from the best, just with details
2. Rings
3. Simple but edgy, with great attention to details
4. Alexander McQueen
5. International fashion magazines, lookbooks, Tumblr
6. As an observer of everything, I find it difficult to choose


Erica Auer
1. Because it is a reflection of our society
2. My bed
3. Simplistic
4. Rachel Zoe
5. People watching
6. Trench coats


Taylor-Symoné Romero
1. Without design, there’s just functionality. That’s boring
2. Versatile
3. Women’s heels with the look of Louboutins, but the comfort of sneakers
4. Michael Costello
5. Travel blogs
6. The bikini


Tushiya Hunter
1. For individuals to express their creative mind and vision
2. Cameras
3. Always evolving. Every season, every year, every day
4. Mary Katrantzou
5. Music, color, people of different walks of life
6. Isabella Blow’s hats for the London Exhibit

Photography by Paige Ricks