Swarovski Crystallized

Swarovski Crystallized Store, NY 2009

Walking into Swarovski Crystallized Concept Store feels a bit like being a kid in a candy store. The 5,000 square foot flagship offers a unique and creative playground, where customers can create their own jewelry designs by choosing from individual stones and pieces, or from sparkling jewelry design templates. One can also customize color combinations, or shop from a dazzling array of ready-to-wear jewelry from designers such as Andree Putman, Janis Savitt or Phillippe Ferrandis. Unlike other Swarovski boutiques, the Crystallized offers access to more than 2,000 crystallized loose stones in an infinite range of colors, cuts and shapes presented in an accessible and inspirational “Library of Light.” Even if customers are experiencing “designer’s block” and need a helping hand, personal stylists are always there to offer guidance. There is also a crystal-bedecked lounge/café in the back with an exhibition space that shows some collaborations with world-renowned fashion, jewelry and interior designers giving customers a chance to discover their inner innovator.

According to Markus Lampe, SVP of Marketing, “Swarovski Crystallized takes into account the retail trends of personalization, lifestyle, concept stores, smart technology, and brand world stores. Lampe says, “We wanted to combine all these aspects into our own unique retail and brand experience. The concept is designed to support the strong trend towards individualization and beautiful customized design pieces by providing a host of glittering treasures for individuals.” He adds, “We also wanted to reach out to those who enjoy accessing myriad of crystal in all kinds of different styles and colors but who do not consider themselves designers.”

With this approach, Swarovski aficionados can enjoy the process of customizing a personal charm bracelet or necklace directly in the store, café or at home. It also helps that the collection of international designers showcased have draw from Swarovski’s global audience. Lampe says, “The considering price points will also vary from $30 to $ 2,000, so we are able to address a quite versatile and broad audience to make sure they can make a variety of fashion statements—from a customized unique gift, to a designer showpiece.”

So far there are no other roll-outs planned in the US, but if one can’t make it to a Crystallized Concept Store in New York, curious shoppers can still experience the innovative world of Swarovski’s customizable jewelry and order online by simply logging on to www.swarovski-crystallized.com.

– Hillary Latos