When internationally acclaimed accessories designer Patty Perreira met Bill Barton, President of Oliver Peoples, the stars were not only aligned, but illuminated a path where a love of design and passion for excellence came together in perfect union.

Her strong aesthetic prowess—honed over time at houses like Prada, Paul Smith, Jil Sander, and Vera Wang—paired with his business acumen and technical knowledge, became the force behind Barton Perreira. In a short time the ascendant eyewear label has set itself apart with its unique brand of restrained glamour and meticulous design.

Launched in 2007, the Los Angeles-based brand rapidly expanded into local and international markets and became known for its focus on high style, commitment to innovation and the superior materials that go into crafting each individual pair.

Barton Perreira glasses have made an immediate impact on the fashion world and beyond. Hollywood style icons such as Angelina Jolie, Rachel Zoe, Heidi Klum, Jessica Biel, Orlando Bloom, Chloë Sevigny, and Giovanni Ribisi are just a few of Barton Perreira’s many famous aficionados.

For Giovanni Ribisi, it wasn’t enough to just wear the glasses. His interest in design led him to recently team up with Barton Perreira and create two pairs of sunglasses (aptly named The Giovanni and The Ribisi), which successfully capture his love of all things retro and classically cool.

Handmade by skilled artisans, the designs are drawn from a range of influences—from Art Deco jewelry to mid-century furniture—with an emphasis on timelessness and continuity of form. The unique textures and saturated hues borrow from nature and are a strong focal point of the designs.

“Much of my inspiration comes from pop culture,” says Perreira, “the music, the Beat movement. But I never have one inspiration for the whole collection…I like many types of styles and periods of fashion.”

The Spring/Summer 2012 Collection is inspired by the glamour, style and pop icons of the 1950s and 1960s, and while “vintage classic” applies, the collection also has a fresh, modern aesthetic. The women’s frames exude a sexy, intellectual vibe and the men’s glasses take on a hip, retro-inspired feel.

It’s impossible to choose a favorite among styles like Cenci—evoking bohemian glamour; Wonderlust—with its provocative cat-eye recalling early French pop; or Bouvier—which embraces the spirit of Jackie O. And then there is, of course, Ribisi—a mix of classic and avant-garde.

Color factors in a big way in the new collection with jewel-toned lenses that complement the handmade Japanese zyl acetate (the world’s finest plastic) in hues of tortoise and midnight blue.

What does it mean? It means something beyond just fashion. It means brilliantly colored lenses set within exquisite frames, created by discerning designers and craftsmen. It means style that is instantly recognizable, and undoubtedly Barton Perreira.

Text by Ellen Georgiou