Walking in LA

Although LA has always been known as a driving town, DTLA has developed into a village of sorts where most people walk and actually get to know their neighbours and local shop owners. The 7th Street corridor has recently emerged as a destination with shops, restaurants, and bars popping up between the brujerias and cell phone stores. Guido in LA is a shop located in what is becoming a vintage row on 7th between Spring and Main. A cool little space with vintage clothing and housewares where local artists, musicians, and actors have started hanging out with owners, Jason and Victor, to choose clothes for shoots or just chat about the neighbourhood and its goings-on. The shop brings to mind the old punk shops in the 70s and 80s in New York and London, like 430 King’s Rd. in Chelsea, where Malcolm McLaren started Mr. Freedom and Let it Rock with Vivienne Westwood, which was eventually called Sex. Sex attracted soon-to-be stars, Siouxsie Sioux, The Sex Pistols, Adam Ant, Steve Severin, etc. I wanted to start a portrait series of this crossroad of people and Guido’s seemed like the perfect spot. They dress the locals up in their vintage wares and then folks pose for pics. This part of town is still a bit gritty but packed with energy and life. A big city full of talented people turned into a village where they can share ideas and inspiration. Who knows? Maybe even become the next Siouxsie.


Victor and Jason






Photography by Phil Knott


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