Zaha Hadid & Suprematism

Cover for Zaha Hadid & Suprematism


Zaha Hadid is not only the most distinct, successful and influential architect of her generation, she is also among the most intellectual. Her works are often described as fluid, curvilinear and organic, featuring unique lines and shapes and oblique inspirations. In this mesmerizing volume, Hadid’s creative narrative achieves a new level of clarity. Previous exhibitions at Galerie Gmurzynska Zurich and and Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum drew an explicit connection between her work and early 20th century Russian art movements. Now readers can more deeply understand how Hadid employs the lessons of Supermatism, exploring the relationships between simple shapes and surrounding space. While Hadid’s work could never be confused for simple, it certainly offers the possibility that even the most complex statements can derive from humble beginnings.

Published by Hatje Cantz and Galerie Gmurzynsk

Text by Michael Cohen


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